This site was created by Robyn and Rob Parnell of Warnertown, South Australia.

We live on 11 acres in the midst of farming land. When we first moved into the area, during summer, kangaroos would seek the shade of our trees and drink from our water trough.

Our neighbour’s sons began hunting kangaroos in October 2018. They hunted on their own property, neighbour’s properties and the Flinders Ranges. Sometimes they hunted as often as three times a week. By January 2019, the kangaroos had disappeared. We no longer see kangaroos on our land or in our area.

A study of kangaroo numbers in South Australia and other states reveals a devastating decline. In most regions, local kangaroo populations are on the brink of extinction. Yet, hunting of kangaroos continues at alarming rates.

Kangaroo hunting must end or kangaroos will disappear from most parts of Australia.

Our mission is to tell the truth about the commercial harvest of kangaroos in Australia. The industry is not sustainable, nor is the killing of kangaroos humane. Kangaroo meat is not safe to eat. Please investigate this site and help us to save kangaroos. Thank you.